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Interpreting data can sometimes be a challenging and complex task, especially when working with a large database of information. Statistical inferences have to be carefully and accurately drawn from them. A slight calculation error may lead to serious implications on the credibility of the quantitative data as well as the overall research material. If decisions are based on the findings, all calculations must be properly made. A data analysis service review the calculations, statistics and database to ensure solid quantitative evidence accompanies your publication.

Reviewing Medical Figures

We employ professionals who are qualified statisticians to provide a comprehensive review of medical statistics and conduct sound statistical analyses.

Our statisticians have both published and reviewed a countless number of projects and are familiar with various forms of advanced research statistical analysis as well as medical data interpretation. They will work with the researcher to make certain that the software tools employed and the methodology utilized adhere exactly to the needed requirements. Any questions posed by the researcher will be addressed in detail.

Our statistical and data analysis service will target the following areas:

  • Database management
  • Database sharing and archiving
  • Database organization
  • Data visualization
  • Statistical analysis methods (ANCOVA, ANOVA, bivariate correlation, canonical correlation, linear regression, multivariate analysis, MANCOVA, MANOVA, factor analysis, etc.)

We will use a number of statistical methodologies to adapt to a specific research methods, such as:

  • Action research
  • Case studies
  • Ethnography
  • Histography
  • Observational study
  • Correlational study
  • Survey
  • Experimental design

A facility or company in need of a powerful statistical database analysis can be assured that our our results will allow you to make honest and verifiable conclusions. Medical research and academic reports often require very distinct forms of data interpretation. We can assure any prospective client or customer that what we will provide solid and reliable statistical analyses.

Our added-value

One of our main goals is to present academics, scientists and research-company staff with an opportunity to outsource crucial statistical analysis tasks and database-management to a company that has solid experience. Trust us with your data!

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