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Our pre-submission peer-review service is aimed at maximizing your chances of publication in some of the most reputable and high-impact scientific journals. Without the proper constructive critique by academics who have already authored a large number of publications, your paper or project may not be taken too seriously by the general scholarly scientific community. As much as peer review is valued, errors still can crop up. Our academics have considerable experience as peer reviewers and are dedicated to providing detailed suggestions that will boost your chances of publication in a target journal. Expert feedback will enable a researcher or scholar to make corrections necessary prior to formal submission to a journal. Our peer review service will eliminate any outstanding issues that might prevent acceptance of your work.

The Peer Review Process

2Escience has developed a peer-review service for our clients that aims to provide the best possible independent and unbiased review. Our process involve the following:

  • Your paper will be classified by subject area, analyzed for keywords, scored for text similarity (plagiarism check) and terminology will be checked.
  • Your paper will be transferred to at least two academic reviewers specializing in the same research area and at least one academic reviewer outside of your subject area (to check any potential scientific bias and to provide a possible unique, qualitative insight).
  • The reviewers complete independent reviews of the manuscript (author name omitted), fill out our own innovative 2Escience scorecards and attach comments, suggestions and notes for the author.
  • All peer-reviews are presented in a comprehensive report that includes a single which indicates a transparent, objective and constructive opinion of your manuscript.

The Submission

A publication review is important for researchers in order to adhere to the latest guidelines, requirements and include the appropriate scientific material. Our reviewers identify potential shortcomings, missing details and suggest inclusion of additional material in the text. As a hard-working academic the most devastating issue that may arise is the rejection of a potentially solid and informative manuscript. A pre-publication peer review service aims to help researchers accurately present their research material and make a solid case. The author can then present his or her work to the publishers of the science journal, confident that the manuscript can withstand any additional scrutiny.

Our added-value

Our goal is to provide peer-review services that will maximize your chances of being published in a reputable and established journal in order to advance your academic career.

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